Artist PINS  has completed a month stint as artist in residence at Croydon Museum.

The Thornton Heath creative showcased his mindful art installation exploring the conflicts of inner peace in a disruptive tech-driven world,  but in a cool way. 

PINS works are inspired by his observation of modern mobile phone obsession, which he previously exhibited back in 2016 at his successful #NoFaceLikePhone show in Central London. 

This social commentary on our devotion to our phones features original works on canvas, workshops as well as a site-specific ‘PINStallation’, that both entertain and highlight the real issue of “nomophobia” (fear of being without a mobile phone). Using vivid colour, humour and wordplay, the exhibition was brought to life within the Clocktower court.

Deputy council leader Alison Butler, said: “It brought a bright splash of colour into the Town Hall and created an interest around ‘what the message was’. It was lovely that PINS was on hand to discuss the artwork and also that he let people reach their own interpretation of what they saw. I hope to see a future exhibition!”