The artist behind the iconic Dare to Dream mural has laid his soul bare in his latest piece of work which reveals his personal struggles.

The much admired mural on the Ambassador House forecourt is the work
of local street artist Bareface.

During lockdown he produced a collection of artworks and essays entitled: The Curious Case of the Man Without a Face which takes the reader on a journey through his creative process as he tries to overcome artistic block. 

He says: “Dare to Dream is a saying that is very close to my heart. It’s stuck with me throughout my childhood and adult life here in Thornton Heath. This piece serves as a visual reminder that no matter your age, religion or ethnicity you should never stop dreaming of the things you want to achieve and accomplish in life.”

About his latest project he says: “Throughout my life, my creativity has supported me through abandonment, trauma, heartbreaks and disappointments. It has never once let me down, the friend that understood me.”

In the essay he talks about his experiences from growing up black in London in the 80s, the father who he idolised leaving when he was a teenager and how he became disheartened and distrusting of the praise he received on social media; as well as how his obsession with: ‘perfectionism’ became crippling.

He explains how he struggled in silence but that during lockdown he set himself a challenge questioning his behaviour in order to ‘rediscover his creative growth’.

“I crave the process of creating and coming up with ideas and making them but there is something about when it’s finished that makes me sad. When I look at my pieces that are freed, they look like empty shells.The challenge for me is, creating work that genuinely connects with my heart and connects to the hearts of others.”