Community stalwart Mohammed Mir is in isolation at his home where he had been recovering from a major operation and reveals how the support of his family is helping him to remain positive.

Five months ago I had open heart surgery. After being discharged by the hospital I was advised by my surgeon to have complete rest as it was major surgery with six blocked arteries.

The surgeon was quite surprised how I survived  for such a long time not having a stroke or heart attack?

I answered him back” ‘lord  knows the best!’ He just laughed.

A cardiac  rehabilitation nurse visited me and arranged  for physiotherapy once a week as my  recovery was very slow.

During that period my wife was supportive and encouraging, not  forgetting Thornton Heath Community Action Team  and committee members who visited me several times.

During my physiotherapy we were doing exercise in a group. At that time there was news that Covid-19  was spreading rapidly but we did not know enough about the virus at that time. I had a phone call from the hospital to say  the next session had been cancelled.

Watching the TV news and learning more about the virus I  self isolated  protecting myself from Covid-19  and just stayed in bed watching TV and the news.

Isolation prevents the spread but I was concerned about my family. I have had good days and bad days and sometimes very negative thoughts in my mind.

I discussed  it with my wife and  she was very concerned. She said to me that when we have low negative thoughts we should try to think positive and reminded me of the young family we’ve got  and what will happen if something does happen to me? She told me we should challenge these thoughts together and with positive ideas  we can reflect at the end of each day on all the positive things. I  feel much better now  logging down every day events.”