new gym in Thornton Heath which was hit by a series of disasters after the launch date was delayed to open just before the Covid-19 pandemic struck is now set to welcome new members 24-hours a day.

The finishing touches are being finalised on the Energie Fitness premises in the former Flora Sandes pub on the Ambassador House forecourt which will open in the second week in August.

The gym was due to open at 5am and close at 10pm (check) but the franchisee Des Menewe has invested in beefing up security so it can now open 24 hours a day.

This includes an upgraded door entry system with only people who have a fob authorised to enter with the premises monitored day and night. The gym was due to open at the beginning of March but delays with the delivery of the equipment and then lockdown put back the opening.

Gyms were one of the last businesses to be allowed to open and government guidelines has also meant that the gym design had to be amended to ensure social distancing is monitored.The original floor plan has been changed to stick to the two metre social distancing guidelines. There will be restricted numbers allowed in to the gym at anyone time which is likely to be 50 including staff but the number will be clarified after a health and safety visit right before opening which will set numbers 

Other restrictions mean every client has to book and can’t just turn up to train. Customers will also have to undergo temperature checks before they enter. Nine staff members have been employed to work in shifts at the gym. 

“We have done loads different things to keep members safe and happy from a usability type of thing,” said Mr Menewe. 

“We have spaced out the machines, so changed floor plan to ensure there are two metres around everyone using the equipment but it hasn’t meant losing any equipment from the original floor plan.”

There will be longer periods of time between classes to ensure extra cleaning can take place and users won’t be able to wait around before and after sessions. Mr Menewe added: “We are hoping for a positive response and happy customers.

“It has not been a bed of roses however Covid-19 has kind of reinforced why we are doing this. Mental and physical health is at the forefront of everyones minds at the moment and this reinforces the importance of what we are doing and we are make sure it is being done in a safe environment.”

Mr Menewe added: “It’s not ideal when our initial expectation of how many people we can safely accommodate in the gym was a lot higher but that has taken a back seat . We are just looking forward to being open and welcoming in people.”

Sign up for the gym before it opens to benefit from a discounted rate of £15.99 month and a £10 one off joining fee.