Meet The Chronicle’s newest writer Aisha Jade. The 21-year-old, from Thronton Heath, will be writing a monthly food column.

Aisha, who wrote for July’s youth edition of The Chronicle is an international food blogger writing under Di Caripean Foodie (, who has reviewed Caribbean restaurants in London, New York, Toronto and Montgego Bay.

Here she shares her experience of eating out at Thronton Heath’s popular Blue and Orange restaurant.

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On Thornton Heath High Street stands Blue and Orange, a Turkish owned family business, founded in 2002, specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, and serving dishes from kofte to chargrilled steak.

Inside the walls are yellow and the ceiling is covered with traditional lanterns, a beautiful scene when they are lit.

It looks like a busy day as most seats are reserved.

“What would you like to drink?” Looking at the drinks menu seeing coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc, I decided to order the Caribbean Peach cocktail, although it was only 11 am! Made with peach snaps, rum, apricot brandy and fruit juice,  I told the waiter to make it as strong as possible and he took that instruction, literally! Sweet with a good presence of liquor, it came garnished with a slice of grapefruit to match its flamingo pink colour.

Chargrilled halloumi salad for starters. Three big pieces comprised with olives, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes, drizzled in a tangy, yellow olive-oil dressing. The halloumi had a nice flavour but the texture of it was a bit too rubbery. 

The main dish followed: king prawns with basmati rice. I appreciated the savoury, butter flavour of the rice and it was evident that lemon juice had been used to cook the prawns along with tomatoes and spring onions as it was very fresh tasting.

As someone who finds desserts boring especially when I see ice cream, cakes or some sort of crumble on offer, the only thing that caught my attention was the profiteroles. Basked in a light cream they were remarkably toothsome. A thick chocolate exterior which when cut with my spoon exposed a yummy soft pastry. An excellent choice to end the experience.

The meals I had at Blue and Orange were delectable and the service was good. With a range of different entrées and main dishes, it’s obvious why whenever I walk past they are always busy.





Food presentation 


*Average cost of a meal £25-£30.