Chairman of the far right National Front party Tony Martin verbally clashed with a retired teacher handing out leaflets in Thornton Heath to promote a public meeting standing up to racism.

Lawrence Wong was handing out leaflets to promote the United Against Racism and Fascism campaign when he was approached by Croydon based Mr Martin who filmed the encounter outside Thornton Heath Station and posted it on Twitter.

Mr Wong was handing out leaflets to  promote a meeting held at Parchmore Methodist Church on Tuesday (Feb 26) hosted by Croydon Stand Up to Racism with speakers including Labour MP for Central Corydon Sarah Jones ahead of a national demonstration on Saturday March 16.

The leaflets claim that racism and fascism is on the rise from Trump in the US to rise of fascist parties in Europe. It goes on to say a new far right street movement is attempting to take advantage of the political crisis by scapegoating migrants, refugees and the Muslim community and that Islamophobia  anti semitism and racist attacks are on the rise while the Windrush scandal has revealed the inhumanity of the government’s  hostile environment.

The heated exchange concluded after Mr Wong said he felt threatened. Mr Martin accused Mr Wong of being a ‘disgusting’ communist who hated the British. Mr Wong said he was a socialist and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and accused Mr Martin of being a racist. To which he responds that he isn’t but “proud British”.

He later posted on YouTube channel: “So called Stand up to Racism’ admit to being a communist. Want open borders and think a £10.50 living wage will protect peoples wages (what they really want is for every non-union Working Class person to only earn £10.50, regardless of how dangerous or dirty their job is.”