DJ and producer Dave Koor who was born and brought up in Thornton Heath was recently part of Croydon Composers – a pioneering music project which brings together aspiring musicians to collaborate. 

Delivered by Croydon-based music organisation Drum The Bass led by award-winning legendary composer Shri Sriram, participants from different genres were matched up to work together, writes Chetna Kapacee.

Each pair created a composition, with Dave paired up with the young Indian classical singer, Raveena Rajeevan culminating in performances at the Croydon Mela in September and at the Scream Lounge in Croydon at the end of October.

In his school days, Dave performed at Fairfield Halls, then went on to become a local youth worker and a music technician at St Andrews School. Inspite of his increasing profile he has not had much opportunity to work with local musicians.

About his involvement in Croydon Composers, Dave said: “It was a great opportunity to meet people who live locally and who share the same passion. To have such a talented group of people – and no doubt there are many more within the borough – is remarkable!”

The 36-year-old has been writing over the last few years as one half of production duo Modified Man with Adam Scrimshire. The pair have become sought after remixers for international artists like Dele Sosimi, Makadem and Amp Fiddler.

Dave’s love of music and the desire to support local talent led to the conception of Albert’s Favourites, the label he now runs with Drop and Scrimshire, which is quickly becoming one of South London’s go-to record labels.

His own band The Expansions has racked up support slots for Omar, Fred Wesley and Billy Cobham, and he has played and DJ’d at venues and festivals around the UK and Europe.

Dave still teaches music locally and recently DJ’d at The Stanley Halls as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

“Breakthrough” by The Expansions releases 1 December, 2017 on Albert’s Favourites