Mindfulness meditation coach Peter Lawrence has spoken of his own  struggles with depression as he took part in the annual Movember campaign encouraging men to think more about issues affecting their health.

Men have a poor reputation when it comes to looking after their own health and on average, men will go to see their GP half as often as women. 

The stats for the UK make grim reading with 12 men a day taking their own lives and three out of four suicides are by men, making it the biggest killer of males under 45 in the UK.

Recently Line of Duty actor Stephen Graham, who also appeared in the film ‘This is England’ revealed on Radio 4 programme Desert Island Disks his own failed suicide bid after feelings of not being able to cope.

Peter is growing this impressive handlebar moustache to raise money for a men’s talking group at Mind in Croydon and has so far raised £450. 

He said: “Mental health and well-being is so much talked about now that people are responding and talking in an open unembarrassed way, which can only be for the better. 

“I lived with depression for over 30 years from the 1970s and for a very long time couldn’t talk about it due to the stigma around mental illness. It stopped me from being the person I could have been. But now I celebrate each day in being the person I am, and no longer grieve for what I could have done. And in a way now I really enjoy each day as I know how ill I was”.

“It’s great to talk. I lived with secrets for so long. 

“That’s why my Movember is supporting a men’s talking group at Mind in Croydon.”

As you can see from this series of photographs  Pete has also had great fun taking on various guises to boost his fundraising efforts.

If you would like to donate contact Peter via The Chronicle editor@thorntonheathchronicle.co.uk