A second public event is being held in Thornton Heath to explain the support and compensation available for victims affected by the Windrush scandal.

The first meeting heard emotional stories from Windrush victims, who had travelled from as far Manchester, to attend the Home Office meeting which was hosted by Croydon African Caribbean family Organisation UK at Northwood Road.

The September meeting with a 150 strong audience was the largest attendance of 20 public events held around the country since April when the Windrush Compensation Scheme was launched.

Members of the Commonwealth Citizens’ Taskforce and the Windrush Compensation Scheme head victims stories and explained what support is available and how to make a claim.

The events aim to reach those who have been impacted by Windrush and ensure they are aware of the £200 million government fund set aside to compensate 15,000 claimants.

(CACFO) UK which is chaired by Councillor Callton Young, is working with Windrush Action to secure fair and just compensation for Windrush victims.

Cllr Young represents the Thornton Heath ward which has the largest West Indian population of any in London.

Windrush Action is the voice of people affected by the scandal  with members supporting each other and campaigning for justice, redress and to preserve a legacy.

The second meeting is being held on Saturday (Nov 9) 11am-1pm at the same venue and is aimed at affected individuals, community leaders, lawyers, charities and support groups.

Immigration Minister Seema Kennedy said: “We are determined to right the wrongs of successive Governments and that’s why our Taskforce will travel to events across the country, giving hands-on advice and support.

“The scheme has been designed to be as generous as possible and so I would urge anyone who thinks they may have been affected to attend the event in Thornton Heath and find out more.”

The Windrush Compensation Scheme provides payments to eligible individuals who did not have the right documentation to prove their status in the UK and suffered adverse effects on their life as a result.

It is open to almost anyone from a Commonwealth country who arrived and settled in the UK before 1973. Certain children and grandchildren of those arriving before 1973 and some close family members may also be eligible to apply.

It is also open to anyone from any nationality who has the right to live or work in the UK without any restrictions or is now a British Citizen, and arrived in the UK before 31 December 1988.

For more information on Windrush Compensation Scheme community events and the Windrush Compensation Scheme, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/windrush-compensation.

Individuals can apply to the Windrush Compensation Scheme by downloading the claim form from: https://www.gov.uk/windrush-compensation.

PICTURE CREDIT: Windrush Action

Twitter/Facebook: @WindrushAction