London Hughes sums up what’s good and bad about Thornton Heath in one short rap written and performed by the comedian on ITV2s  Don’t Hate the Playaz.

The TV star, who was born in Thornton Heath, and started out on children’s TV is now making a name for herself as an award winning comedy writer-performer and presenter. 

Since winning the prestigious Funny Women Awards, she’s gone on to pen and star in TV and radio.

Don’t Hate the Playaz sees two teams battle it out in front of a live audience for the ultimate prize of bragging rights. It also features Stormzy’s girlfriend Maya Jama who is a television and radio presenter in her own right.

The  tongue in cheek lyrics were delivered in comediac style  by London Hughes.

“Straight out of Croydon, well Thornton Heath to be precise it’s in Zone 4 I was living my best life,  actually I got some money and I moved out but  let me tell you what Thornton Heath is all about?

“First of all its famous for its 24 hour Tesco, it’s where my mum first met Stormzy, oh wait hold up you didn’t know Thornton  Heath is the birthplace of rap royalty. You’ve got: Nadia Rose, Krept and Konan, Stormzy and me all flying the  Thornton Heath flag proudly.

“Section Boyz are also from there too but I’m too old to know what they actually do?

“Trying to make it better with gentrification they’ve even got a Costa Coffee by the station. They’ve got a few parks that are sort of alright except  Melfort  Park where they’ll  jack your bike.

“Got betting shops, barbers galore, go see Keisha she’ll do you a weave for a score.

“Other than that its my endz and I love it,  there ain’t really a place I’d put above it.

“There’s more gang crime but it’s the cult so that’s fine.

“CR7 it is your time to shine, because I’m straight out of Croydon.”