The pandemic has seen parks and open spaces become the NO.1 destination for entertainment and activity.

Normally at this time of year it’s rare, unless you are a dog walker, to be in Grangewood Park but now the paths are full of parents, children, runners and people walking or exercising. 

The top three lockdown sights in Grangewood Park have included a woman walking a cat on a lead, a man walking backwards through the park and a man on a tightrope (pictured)!

If you have any other interesting sights or stories The Friends of Grangewood Park would love to hear them.

Sadly this year’s Christmas carols won’t take place because hosting an event in the dark where people will be singing just wasn’t feasible during Covid. The Friends are hopeful to return to organising events in the park in Spring next year. 

There is still plenty of volunteer activity taking place in the park with plans to rejuvenate the sunken garden, litter picking and gardening.

Visit The Friends of Grangewood Park Facebook page for more information.