Legendary vocal coach and media star, has joined a local youth charity as a patron. 

Cece Sammy’s first involvement with Thornton Heath based Music Relief Foundation came at its interactive Spring exhibition, which featured themes of ‘positivity and mental health’ where she delivered a motivational speech on overcoming personal struggle, managing negativity and building confidence. 

Cece is known for her TV appearances and behind the scenes contributions as a vocal coach, judge, talent scout, advisor and trouble-shooter on various music shows such as: X Factor, The Voice UK, BAFTA award-winning The Choir and in the US, American Idol.

With much more to come from the collaboration, both parties are teaming with excitement over the future. 

She said of the partnership: “I love helping young people of all ages to use music as a tool for their confidence and well-being.  Young people today face a lot of challenges and pressures, and whether they are playing an instrument, dancing, singing OR simply listening to positive music, they can learn how to break down pre-conceived ideas and generate a lasting positive effect on their well-being, how society views them and the way they view themselves. I hope I can play a part in helping to motivate and guide them in all areas of life through creativity”. 

The virtual exhibition which took place live on YouTube, on Saturday (July 11) featured students who had learned new musical skills through Music Relief during the Covid-19 lockdown, including those dealing with stage fright. The video was produced by students from the SEEDS programme at Ravensbourne and featured a rendition of Bill Withers Lean On Me and Ben E King’s Stand By Me.

Magdalene Adenaike, CEO of MRF. said: “We are thrilled to have Cece Sammy as our Patron, this is truly a partnership of great synergy and a conscious effort to ensure that young people everywhere get the continued positive and productive support that we provide.”

The youth organisation work is with young people aged 11-25 to empower and inspire through the medium of music and the arts through workshops, mentoring sessions and after school activities.

For more information and to link to the concert: www.music-relief.org