The Croydon Reuse Organisation (CRO) is an independent creative space that is on Church Road, opposite Reeves Corner. 

It is run by the creative and talented Eunice and Andy Dickinson, who are both passionate about recycling, or upcycling, and are more than happy to discuss workshops that they do in woodwork, carpentry, upholstery and sewing.   

It is a space where you can take the time to learn a skill or brush up on long-forgotten ones or even hobbies with a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly team. 

CRO values the benefits of reuse and looks to give learning opportunities to all sectors of the community. 

One such initiative is run by Pete Lawrence, who runs workshops on how community groups can build planters for their streets, from pallets or recycled wood. This has been very popular over the 18 months since it started running, and Pete has worked with THCAT, WELOVESE25 and the Selhurst community garden, with participants learning new in using cutting and fixing tools to make creative and decorative planters for their community.

If anyone is interested please contact Pete to be booked onto a course or to have a chat.

Pictured is a recycling bin project.