With hair salons closed due to physical distancing guidelines, some have been forced to take matters in to their own hands with disastrous consequences. 

Others have opted to loop off their locks during the lockdown by shaving off all their hair.  Hairdesser Kish Soobramaney who owns La Zaris on Brigstock Road has urged his clients to consider  if they really need a hair cut and if they can hold on for a while longer. For many clients a haircut is more than just vanity it is about socialising and mental well being especially as you can be at the salon for as long as five hours if you are having extensions or braids.

Many of his customers are regular clients and he has already received calls wanting to book in for when he reopens with one client revealing she allowed her daughter to Henna her hair and it went orange! He fears the repair jobs he will encounter on his return but says that everyone has been very understanding. He suggests getting hair bands and clips to keep your hair in some order until it can be styled again or wear a hat! He has been thinking of ways of how he can support the NHS and key workers with a cap which would have messages of support on it and allow the wearer to disguise weeks of bad hair days! 

Kish who took part in the mental health training that was organised for members of the  BAME Barbers Network earlier this month says he is really concerned for the welfare of other barbers who will find the sudden change of social environment and lack of banter extremely hard as well as the financial consequences, as he says many barbers survive on tips.

Kish’s wife is still able to work from home so he is concentrating on looking after his young daughter and has been able to apply to have his two members of staff furloughed.

He said: ‘We are all in the same boat and while we have our health our hair will continue to grow and that’s what is important.”

Picture credit: Bampson