Boys and girls aged six to eight looking to make new friends in a fun environment should look no further than the Beaver Scouts.

There is plenty of opportunity to play games, make things have days out and generally have lots of fun.

The 39th Croydon Scout group meet at 105-107 Beulah Road opposite Beulah Junior School and cater for boys and girls from six to 18 years.

The Beaver Scouts meet on Wednesday 6-7pm and  cubs (for ages eight to ten and a half) meet at the same place on Tuesday 7-8.30pm. For more information telephone Janet: 0208 771 1586.

The 67th Croydon Scout group also offer Beaver Scouts at Endeavour Halls, 273 Norbury Crescent, on Monday evenings 5.45pm to 7pm and Cub Scouts at the same venue 6.45-8.15pm. Contact Gina Gilbert on 0208 407 4450 or email