Local snappers have the chance to get their best photos featured in a calendar of Thornton Heath.

The Thornton Heath Local Facebook page  has launched the photograph calendar competition.

Ideas for submitted photographs include these categories:

-Parks in Thornton Heath and surrounding area  like this picture of the sun setting in Grangewood Park.

-Plants in Thornton Heath

-Landmarks in Thornton Heath

-Community in Thornton Heath


-Wildlife of Thornton Heath

Entries submitted must be a minimum of high resolution 300dpi If not high enough resolution the photo will not be accepted as will not be high enough resolution to print.

Photographs must be submitted in Landscape orientation (a rectangle laying down!) 

Entries to be emailed to thorntonheathlocal@gmail.com by 22nd October 2022. Limit of entry of two photographs per person can be entered.

Voting will made by the residents of Thornton Heath Local at The Thornton Heath Local Festive Fair on November 12 at The Salvation Army in Thornton Heath High Street between 11am and 4pm.

Calendars will be available to purchase. The winner will get a discounted Calendar.