Two long awaited council commissioned murals  by local artists which were part of the £2.7million regeneration of the £2.7million regeneration of the High Street have been cancelled.

Both the Snapshot Collectives design for the the side elevation wall on the Sakthy Ghanapathy Hindu Temple, in Brigstock Road, along with the Bareface’s much awaited CR7 mural, which was to feature on the United Mobile flank wall at 19 High Street – will  no longer go ahead.

The Temple mural hit a series of Issues with BT  over the placement of new green street cabinets which meant that the proposed design would need to be significantly altered. 

The architects who were leading the regeneration project  working with Snapshot, have also moved on as work on the rest of the High Street is complete.

Snapshot collective announced that because of this and the uncertainty of the project “we felt we couldn’t continue.”

Bareface hit different problems in that the artist usually uses vinyls for his designs. However, the cost has prohibited this and he hasn’t been able to find away of doing it justice using other materials. 

However after The Chronicle highlighted the problem Cllr Butler resolved: “Let’s see if we can find somewhere it will work.”

The council has said it will be commissioning new artists to take these works on and working with Snapshot Collective to discuss how to showcase its completed work in other ways.