The hero dad who carried an injured stranger to safety during violent protests has sat down with his young daughter and her friends in an interview for their Youtube channel.

Patrick Hutchinson a personal trainer and grandfather, made global headlines after saving the life of man from harm during violent protests outside Waterloo station.

His daughter Sidena, 10, was filmed celebrating excitedly with friends Kai’Yonna and Chela when an interview with her now-famous father was broadcast on Channel 4 News from Thornton Heath Rec.

In the interview on their AKAKiddz channel, the young presenters from Thornton Heath asked what was the one piece of advice he hoped they would take from the experience? He responded it was important to ‘get equality and a level playing field for all of us.’

The children in an interview to coincide with Father’s Day wanted to ask Mr Hutchinson the questions the media didn’t.

Sidena (pictured right of her father) said she she was ‘very proud of what you did to help that man’ and when asked: ‘Where did you find the strength to carry that man?

He replied: “I didn’t find him heavy at all. He was actually quite light. I squat heavier weight than him…. so that’s where I got the strength from – all the years of training!”

He also told the youngsters: “Its not black versus white it’s everybody versus the racists, so that would be what I would take away from this, that we all have to come together black and white and all races to fight against the racism, so that we can all eventually get equality and have level playing field for all of us.”

Mr Hutchinson and fellow members of Ark Security: Pierre Noah, Chris Otokito, Lee Russell and Jamaine Facey had taken it upon themselves to be the “overseers” at counter-protest to Black Lives Matter, to make sure those who needed help were taken safely to emergency service workers.

The group spotted a lone white man being dragged by young black protesters through a crowd and thrown on the steps near the Royal Festival Hall.

“His life was under threat so I just went and scooped him up, put him over my shoulder, and started marching towards the police with him,” Mr Hutchinson told Channel 4 News.

The image, captured by a photographer at the scene, was shared widely online and described as a “beautiful moment of humanity”.