This is the moment an elderly women is robbed at the hands of gang of masked moped muggers. 

The shocking video was posted yesterday (September 20) shows the attack unfold near St John’s Church on Bensham Manor Road.

It shows two mopeds each containing a rider and passenger dressed completely in black apart from one of the passengers, who is wearing a distinctive white helmet. He gets off one of the bikes along with the other passenger and one of the robbers has a weapon in his hand which he seems to use to intimidate his victims.

A woman is heard to scream during the attack and an elderly Asian lady is left on the ground.

An elderly Asian man tries to stop the attack raising his arm to protect himself from one of the raiders who apparently steal a gold chain before fleeing the scene down Bensham Manor Road. The attack lasts at matter of minutes but is part of a pattern which The Chronicle has reported on in the last two editions following reports by residents.

Officers were called at 3.09pm to reports of four men on two mopeds threatening two women, in their 60s, with knives before snatching gold chains from their necks, a Met spokesman said.

He added that an elderly witness tried to stop the robbers but sustained a head injury after being thrown to the ground as he attempted to intervene.

The Met spokesman said: “During the incident, the pillion passengers got off the bikes and are understood to have threatened the victims with a knife, before snatching a total four gold chains from the victim’s necks.

 “A male witness, aged in his seventies, attempted to intervene and was thrown to the ground by one of the suspects.

“The suspects then made off on the mopeds towards White Horse Road.

“The witness who intervened was taken to south London hospital with a minor head injury where he was later discharged.”


Posted on Twitter by Norbury Labour Party responses included: “Absolutely despicable scum. @MPSBenshamManor good luck in catching and caging these vermin. Somebody must know who they are?”

Anyone with information can call Croydon CID via 101. To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit