Would you like to see more or less takeaways in Thornton Heath? This could be a decision taken out of the hands of Croydon planners.

The council and public health representatives want restrictions placed on hot food takeaways in shopping parades.

They said so as part of Croydon’s draft Local Plan which has been before the Inspector and a public hearing.

The council proposed a complete ban on new fastfood outlets opening in shopping parades with only changes to existing units being permitted.

Representatives for the takeaways described the proposals as ‘draconian’.

Following this, the Inspector has suggested a modifications allowing A5 uses in shopping parades.

The modifications are now out for consultation until 10 October.

Representations can be made by emailing ldf@croydon.gov.uk and must include a name, e-mail or postal address.

Elsewhere councils across England are banning new takeaways from opening within 400 yards of any school, youth club or park, in an attempt to tackle obesity, strokes and heart disease.

Public Health England said if the planning system is watered down then the overall ability to address the social health effects of hot food takeaways in Croydon will be significantly reduced.