A Swastika etched in the lift in a council tower block and racist words daubed on a railway bridge in Thornton Heath have been reported to the police.

The emblem of the German Nazi party was scratched in to a lift in the Gillett House block while the bridge between Bensham Lane and Gillett Road is constantly targeted by graffiti but alongside swear words and  images of male genitalia was the N word.

Local mums took immediate action to cover the ugly words with hearts (pictured). 

One said: “Whilst taking my son to school today I noticed the bridge  covered in graffiti including racist tags that encourage hate. Let’s nip this in the bud and stop the spread of hate while we can.”

The council have said they will pressure wash the bridge and volunteers from Thornton Heath Community Action Team are planning to repaint it again in May and apply anti graffiti paint.