Whatever age we are we all like to celebrate our birthdays and when you are a child you usually have a party and invite your friends around. However, the new lockdown rules are restricting the way we are able to celebrate special occasions but many are improvising and finding ways to make them just as much fun. 

Mum Saima Syeda explains how she was able to use her creative skills to give son Shahzaib a birthday to remember!

She said: “My son Shahzaib turned 12 on March 24 but since we are all self isolating I had to improvise and create a day for him he could enjoy staying indoors. Luckily I can make personalised gifts and I had some stock at home so made him a game theme hoodie, travel water bottle, decorated his room door with game theme vinyl. The day started with a nice breakfast of his favourite pancake, me and his dad got him an online game as birthday gift so he could play with his friends  instead online, and pizza for dinner. On his special request I made brownies instead of birthday cake which wasn’t an easy task having very little ingredients and not being able to source eggs from anywhere so I improvised luckily the end result was still great. We finished the day watching a movie of his choice on prime. He had a photo session with his sister and had a great laugh. Over all it was a good day and he enjoyed it.”