Increased patrols, raids and arrests have had a dramatic impact on illegal activity on Beulah Road, the police have revealed.

On October 28, a large quantity of cash and drugs was recovered as well as shotgun, ammunition and a handgun on Beulah Road.

The police licensing team working with the council removed a licence to sell alcohol from a shop linked to the raid.

The action followed concerns raised at September’s Safer Neighbourhood Team ward panel meeting about the sale of Crack Cocaine and increased levels of anti social behaviour.

Police sergeant Andy Smith said police action had a ‘positive’ impact particularly in the use of drugs but an awful lot people were still gathering despite Covid.

He said officers moved along groups but they just moved further up the road and it was like a ‘game of cat and mouse’.

He said officers would continue to be ‘visible’ in the area but they had to also prioritise other offences.

He was talking with the council about extending the Public Space Protection Order to cover Beulah Road which would give the police more legislative power particular around removing drink.

Residents reported that the police presence on the street had led to a ‘shift in atmosphere’ and they were grateful for the police intervention.

Many of those who hang around don’t live on the road so have ‘no business being there’ the December SNT ward panel heard.

Police also reported a downward trend in both burglary and vehicle crime.
Sgt Smith said a lot of work had gone in to analysing offences, educating motorists with leaflet drops in hotspots and arrests.

But he highlighted that all the privately owned vehicles and 70 per cent of commercial vehicles , so work vans, targeted in recent months had been left unlocked.

He said: “Stop leaving your cars unlocked and we will have a lot less crime. Almost all of our vehicle crime could be resolved if people just locked their cars or double checked that they were locked.”

The police are also trying to build up a list of residential addresses with CCTV covering Thornton Heath which can be called on if incidents are reported to help identify suspects. If you want to be included or have CCTV of an incident send it to the Safer Neighbourhood WhatsApp: 07843291138