map and guided walks of  Thornton Heath  will be offered to residents of Brigstock Hostel to help them adjust to life in a new country.

The aim of the project being coordinated by Croydon Social P, is for individuals to learn about the area as part of their life journey even though they are only here for a short time. 

They would also be introduced to services such as the library, leisure centre, Post Office and GPs that they will encounter again and understand what they offer and how to access them so that they will be better prepared when they are ‘relocated’.

The sessions will last an hour and be led by a local community member and end with tea and refreshments at a local hub.

Paul Macey, coordinator to Croydon Social P said: “The idea is that the guided walks will be open not just the hostel residents but also residents from the wider local community as it would be good for all to mix and help tackle isolation and the initiative to have a befriending element.”

 It will also build on the positive work of projects such as Free Art and Off the Record.