The council is proposing to sell the remaining lodge in Grangewood Park and pocket the majority of the proceeds instead of transforming the park’s crumbling infrastructure.

Heath Lodge, built in the late 19th century which is in the grounds of the park near the Grange Road gate, is set to be sold at auction in June.

Despite the council having spent no money on the lodge which has been left to slowly decay it is proposing to give just 25 per cent of the sale proceeds to improve the park’s dated facilities.

The lodge has been unoccupied since the last tenant left prior to 2011 and wasn’t initially secured by the council so it was damaged by vandals – having been broken in to several times before an alarm was fitted.

The lodge falls under the remit of housing rather than the park’s department and it has been decided that whilst  there has been a lot of interest in the lodge for community use, it would be unaffordable for these groups to refurbish the property. Quotes to refurbish the lodge ranged from £50-80,000 according to the council.

Croydon Council is now planning to apply for a certificate for lawful use of Heath Lodge as residential, and aims to auction the property off to the highest bidder. The likely sale price will  be in excess of £360,000.

If you think Grangewood (pictured in its heyday) should get all the money then email councillor Simon Hall, the cabinet member for finance and treasury:

*Last year the Friends of the Park secured almost £23,000 after applying for S106 money to improve the play area and install an outdoor gym but this would require significant match funding.