Palace keeper Vincente Guaita, has made two young Palace fans very happy inviting them to Selhurst Park to meet him after they created a character in his honour.

The Bassett brothers Harvey and Jasper, posted a drawing of their creation Flanimal called Guaita who is seven- year’s-old and has a red and blue tummy and wears a CPFC badge.

The fictional character lives at Selhurst Park and is friends with the Palace goalkeeper because they both have the same name and they share snacks left over after football matches including hot dogs and delicious pies!

Guaita on Twitter said: “Harvey and Jasper, thank you very much for your new creation, a “Flanimal”, and also its history. I loved it. I would like to meet you both in our house, Selhurst Park. I hope you say yes. I love you guys . You have made me very happy.”

The delighted brothers responded: “Thank you for your message. We would love to meet you too, we are so excited! Love from Jasper and Harvey.”

Flanimals are a book series written by comedian Ricky Gervais.

The Spanish goalkeeper has over 10,000 Twitter followers and has been keeping his fans entertained with footage of him being put through his paces by his new goal keeping coach – his son Paco – who can be seen firing shots at him. Guaita jokes ‘he won’t let me rest for a second’, as the star is seen doing strength training including squats with Paco on his back!