A local mum has revealed how her inner warrior is helping her battle a cancer which has resulted in her having to learn how to eat and talk again.

Mum Sue Ahmad has undergone two operations after a surgeon found a tumour  at the base of her tongue.

Friend Tara Cotton is organising a disco and  Karaoke fundraiser at the Prince George pub on June 22  at 7pm, as a thank you to Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital for the support they continue to give Sue.

You can also support via www.JustGiving.com. 

Sue  tells her story in her own words on the fundraising page:  “In June 2018 I felt a lump in the left of my neck below my ear. I had a a sinus infection and an ear ache. I went to the GP and was treated for an ear infection with antibiotics  through the Summer. 

“I had a new boss at work and I didn’t want to take time off work so I went back to the GP on New Years Eve who said ‘I don’ t want to worry you but I’m sending you to fast track cancer clinic’.  

“In January I’d had a biopsy and it had confirmed secondary Cancer in my lymph node.  I had a PET scan and they couldn’t find the primary cancer at first.

 “I then had a panendoscopy and a clever surgeon found a 3mms tumour at the base of my tongue.  I’m now taking part in the Pathos trial at Guys Hospital.  It is a curable cancer but it is a long journey to recovery.  

“On 25th of  March I had a neck dissection: 43 lymph nodes removed and only one measuring 30mms was cancerous.  On April 2, I had a TORS (Trans oral robotic surgery) operation using a da Vinci robot.

It was expected that only 3mms of my tongue would be removed but when they got there they removed 30×40 from my tongue plus my my tonsils and part of my pharynx. 

“ I am now relearning to swallow. I’m relearning to talk (this is easier but I will never sound the same) and I  am relearning to eat – again I will never eat the same things I did before.

“I am a warrior and I truly hope that the radiotherapy will kick away any cancer cells left over after the two operations.

“The medical team are second to none and have looked after me through my journey and will continue to look after me through my treatments.  Money raised will go towards helping me and others who face the scary cancer journey from diagnosis to surgeries,  treatments and the holistic treatments; that appear to be missing!  

“I thank my rock of a husband, my gorgeous daughter Amy, my Guys hospital bed buddies Kate and Linda, everyone at Guy’s and my fabulous friends for getting me through because although you are not living it you are watching me live it and that is incredibly hard. Stand up to cancer and kick it away!”