We are auctioning  these amazing limited edition life-like pictures of people’s faces drawn by Kirsty Kacani who has Aspergers. 

The first three drawings which are being offered for auction are of: Thornton Heath grime artist Stormzy, Jamaican world record sprinter Usain Bolt and boxing legend Mohammad Ali.

When we put a call out  for help in ensuring the future of The Chronicle Kirsty and her mum Stacey were the first to come forward and offer limited edition prints of her creations  for us to auction to raise funds to keep The Chronicle going.

We have three of each print in A4 size and we are setting the bids at £20 each. Email The Chronicle with your offer: editor@thorntonheathchronicle.co.uk

Kirsty featured in one of the first editions of The Chronicle. Kirsty doesn’t mix socially in anyway whatsoever which is why her NO1 fan her mum Stacey shows her drawings mainly via Twitter @SKacani. For Kirsty drawing is her everything and according to her mum she draws constantly: “I swear if she could draw in her sleep she would do so,” says Stacey.

Stacey added: “As I’m sure you’ll agree she has an amazing talent and I wanted her to see just how great she is that is why I’ve taken to showing them plus I also thought others could enjoy her drawings. With what she has to deal with and cope with on a daily basis things that we take for granted, I think her talent is incredible. She is incredible.”

The Chronicle has set ups campaign  to raise £10,000 for a budget for staffing costs. The Chronicle launched in October 2016 as a printed newspaper and now prints 5,000 copies a month.

We would love to get more advertising or sponsors but currently our support from ad revenue is minimal  and the small grants we receive only covers the monthly costs of printing. As for sourcing stories, writing, sub-editing, and laying out of the paper, we’ve always relied on volunteers. To make sure we continue to give Thornton Heath it’s only truly local paper, we need be able to reimburse volunteers for some of their time. 

We have set up a campaign on Gofundme.com