Volunteers transformed this rough strip of land by the Job Centre on the High Street in to a garden to compliment the new mural.

Thornton Heath Community Action members were joined by staff at the Job Centre in the High Street,  who were keen to volunteer  to make improvements to Thornton Heath.

They cleared and planted the strip of land underneath Ben Connor’s mural working to a design prepared by garden design company Polly’s Perennials.

The scheme aims to celebrate the mural with complimentary colours, and all round seasonal interest with low maintenance hard wearing plants. Some of the ground was concrete so this has been gravelled and will include a bench and feature an additional planter.

Every one gave their time for free and the only cost was the plants which were funded from money raised by Job Centre staff, community ward budget monies from Thornton Heath councillors Pat Clouder and Karen Jewitt, and THCAT support.

The council also provided tools, compost and bark with the gravel kindly donated by local resident Meili Kan.

Please look after this space and make sure it isn’t littered.

Unfortunately the mural has been targeted by graffiti taggers. The council had been unable to remove the vandalism and the artist has now painted over graffiti.

The council is looking at a prevention strategy including uplighting.

Our pictures before and after show the transformation.