Residents have celebrated a project which has seen a flytip hot spot turn in to a beauty spot.

The aim of our project was to improve the environment surrounding the rugby club in Frant and Meadow View Roads which had become plagued by rubbish between the trees and on the pavement.

A celebratory party, held at the rugby club, was attended by residents, Thornton Heath Community Action Team, Rugby Club and council members, all delighted with the huge improvements to the area.

Thornton Heath Community Action Team, Cllr Jamie Audsley and Cllr Stuart King brought together representatives from all parties – residents, council, rugby club, tree specialists, local businesses and organisations.

Residents started keeping a look out for fly tipping and reporting all incidents and the quality of street sweeping was monitored and improved. Thanks to S106 funding, trees which are under a preservation order were tidied then shrubs planted in between to leave little space for rubbish and give a more cared-for appearance.

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