An animal lover who adopted a Romanian rescue dog has turned her home into a collection point for donations to support hundreds of abandoned dogs. 

In the two years since adopting Ivy in 2017 Mandy Ayling has sent over 2700 kg of kibble, approximately 1500 tins of food plus copious amounts of bedding, blankets, dog beds, unwanted medication, toys, and treats as well as raising just over £8,000 to help dogs less fortunate than her our own. 

Romania has an estimated stray dog population in excess of four million along with the most abysmal record in canine welfare and horrific policies to control the stray dog population.

Every month the valuable donations are collected via not-for-profit organisation called  Pawprints to Freedom. Mandy, who adopted a second dog from Romania called Elsie in October,  has continued to help co-ordinate Pawprints which has saved hundreds of dogs that have been abandoned, neglected and abused on the street or worse still taken to the infamous kill shelters, their sad fates sealed by the dogcatchers that dump them there to die. 

Last week alone Pawprints saved 40 puppies but sadly six subsequently died due to lack of care at the kill shelters. 

Pawprints is one of many animal rescue organisations working in Romania to help abandoned dogs. 

They are always desperate for donations of food, particularly puppy food and puppy milk. You can also help by opening your heart to adopting or fostering for them and really make a difference.  Mandy started her journey through adoption but her love for dogs and cats has led her to opening her home and heart to continue helping those left behind in kill shelters. 

She said: “If you can offer donations or if you would like to find out more about adopting or fostering a dog or cat or email or join the Pawprints site and take a look at the many dogs we have waiting for adoption, just waiting for their life to start. “

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