New Flora Court resident Blanche Takwi, 46, lost her job and then her flat after suffering from inflammation of the brain.

Blanche (pictured left with Cllr Butler), was a support worker before she became ill. She said about her stylish new home: “It was so exciting to move in, it is so much nicer than I was expecting. Before I was in a small room with a toilet and a small kitchen.

“I was living in a flat in Croydon but I became ill with brain inflammation and I lost my flat

“This is a new start for me.”

She said she hopes to go back to work when she is told she is allowed to by her doctors and thinks being in her new place will help her get better.

“I take 16 tablets a day. I think it will help me to be comfortable. Now I’ve come here I’ll be feeling myself again.”

Flora Court was named after Flora Sandes who was the only woman soldier to serve in the World War I and lived in Thornton Heath.

The development was unveiled by the council’s deputy leader Councillor Alison Butler. Each of the three new council homes at Flora Court has its own private balcony or garden and sustainable heating.

Social rent tenants will pay around £85 a week for a flat while affordable rent homes from Brick by Brick will be up to £110.

Councillor Butler, said: “Ensuring people have affordable homes to live in is a top priority for the council. These new council homes are spacious, top-quality places to live and they underline why we set up Brick By Brick in the first place.

“I hope our new council tenants will be very happy in their new homes.”