After 30 years on Thornton Heath High Street PWJ Plumbing Supplies are relocating to Coulsdon.

Tom Russell who has managed the shop on the corner of  The Retreat for 22 years cited as the reason for moving: traffic congestion on the High Street and lack of customer parking.

He also said a lot of the shops custom base had moved out of Thornton Heath to places like Coulsdon and Purley and that where as before houses were owner occupied it had become ‘rental city’ and that landlords  aren’t spending money on rented out properties.

The shop is a family business owned by Paul Jennings and prior to being a N046 operated out of  premises where the leisure centre now is. The new shop in Coulsdon while not any bigger offer a forecourt for customers to park. Friday November 1, will be the shop’s final day.

Mr Russell said rent was not a factor and that customers were put off by queueing in traffic only to face the risk of getting a ticket because it was so hard to find legal parking.

 He said: “Thirty years ago Thornton Heath was a lovely area that people moved to from other areas. It’s gone down hill over the years but am sure Thornton Heath will come back up just like Streatham and Brixton have.

“I am going to miss Thornton Heath because I know a lot of people here.”