Fireaway Pizza, established in 2015, is a chain of Italian inspired restaurants. The Thornton Heath branch is on Brigstock Road and with its stylish shop front stands outs, especially at night time  when the luminous lights come on. 

Furthermore, inside is just as the outside, black and orange being the main theme, two colours which are ‘very welcoming’ writes Chronicle food critic Aisha Jade, in her review of Fireaway. 

The menu comprises of a range of milkshakes, waffles, dessert pizzas and you can also make your own pizza. The Ferrero Roche milkshake and 12 inch jerk chicken pizza were the most appealing to me, which I added Halloumi cheese and red onions!

It’s advertised that the pizza is cooked in 180 seconds. I wasn’t timing it so couldn’t tell you whether this is true or not, but it was pretty quick!

Served on a wooden board it looked delicious and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. I found the pizza to be light with the perfect amount of cheese and fresh tasting. They played it safe with jerk chicken as the spice wasn’t as strong as it could have been and lacked the smokiness that jerk is supposed to have, but still had a slight peppery flavour. 

My Ferrero Roche milkshake was divine nothing could be improved. The texture was thick and I liked that the chocolate wasn’t overpowering and the nuts gave it a roasted taste. 

I found the food at Fireaway Pizza  to be palatable and I appreciated the variety of choices available. Finally, I thought it had a clean and polished look and the layout was well designed. I would recommend and I will return!

Service 4 

Food presentation 4

Food quality 4

Atmosphere and setting 3.8

Service/Organisation: 3.8

Overall: 3.9

Average price £10-15pp