Here in Thornton Heath we love nothing better than a festival. 

The Shree Sakthy Ganapathy Temple in Brigstock Road treated local residents to a colourful spectacular of lights and costumes to celebrate a Hindu God.

Resident Michael Daniels who watched the occasion on Friday  said: “It was a fantastic sight and the drummers were outstanding.”

What is Ganesh Chaturthi?

It is a ten-day Hindu festival celebrated to honour the elephant-headed God Ganesha’s birthday.

He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Ganesha is known by 108 different names and is the Lord of arts and sciences and the deva of wisdom.

He is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies as he’s considered the God of beginnings. He’s widely and dearly referred to as Ganapati or Vinayaka.

The festival begins on Shukla Chaturthi which is the fourth day of the waxing moon period, and ends on the 14th day of the waxing moon period known as Anant Chaturdashi.

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Photos by Studio-Tiger and Kirush Abi Arunya