These children were filmed starting a fire in Grangewood Park which if it had got out of control could have damaged the park’s historic Oak trees.

Fortunately after setting the fire they were able to put it out but it could have been a lot more serious and  parents need to warn their children about the dangers of starting fires.

The fire happened at around 7.45pm on Sunday near the Grange Road side of the park just below the playground and happened just hours after The Friends of Grangewood Park had staged their annual event Picnic in the Park.

The park was busy all day with people enjoying the event and picnicking around the park on what was a lovely sunny day.

A teenage boy was also witnessed driving around the park on the pedestrian walkways without a helmet which is dangerous not only to him but any dog or child that might inadvertently run out in front of  him.

This is the third similar incident where fire bugs have struck in Grangewood Park.

A 20-year-old Italian Cypress tree was destroyed and a wall set light to in the cultural garden causing damage. It is worth bearing in mind that the culprits face up to seven years in prison for arson with intent to cause criminal damage.

The council’s neighbourhood safety officers are stepping up patrols in the park following this latest fire.

The NSO’s are empowered to enforce legislation in line with local and statutory legislation to deal with anti-social behaviour and environmental offences.

Contact the police if you have information on any of these incidents on 101 or email Thornton Heath Safer Neighbourhood Team