The family of a mum of two young children who has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer have organised a fundraising event to help vital research in to the disease. 

In October  Joanna Charan, 32,  pictured centre with her husband Arun,  was given the devastating news that she won’t be there to see her children – Lyla, four, and Kash, nine month’s old – grow up.

Joanna was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which spreads to another part of the body and patients are told to expect a maximum of three years with their families. People First is a family friendly fundraising organisation set up to support Secondary1st the vital research team led by Dr Claire Wells. 

The family have already been incredibly overwhelmed by donations set up via GoFundMe towards an £8,000 goal for Joanna and Arun to spend making lasting memories with their children.

Joanna’s sister Samantha Gale said: “It is something that I am passionate about, and I just want to feel like Joanna’s life means something.  When I first decided to start fundraising I looked at lots of charities but Secondary1st is completely run with volunteers and almost all funds go directly to the researchers one of which is currently reviewing Joanna’s case.”

The People First festival takes place on March 8.