Heartbroken Stephanie Kempster thought she would never see again the heart shaped necklace containing her dad’s ashes.

The treasured item was the closest memory she had of her dad David who passed away seven years ago on July 25. 

She lost the chain on her birthday on January 16 and despite desperately searching for it and retracing her steps it appeared lost forever.

Then three days before the anniversary of her dad’s death a friend tagged her in to a post on Facebook.

Emily Perry was appealing for the owner of a necklace with engraved on the back ‘daddy 1957-2013’ The post which moved many to tears read: ‘Please could you share this around as there are ashes inside and needs to be back to the owner asap.’

Stephanie from Crystal Palace said: “My friend sent me the screenshot and immediately I burst into tears. It was mine, it was my dad.”

The necklace containing the ashes had been missing for five months.

Stephanie said: “I’m one of six girls so on my dad’s first birthday without him, I bought us all, and my mum, these necklaces. We all live far apart and thought it was nice for us all to have a bit of him close to us, rather than solely being with my mum. 

“I wore my necklace EVERYDAY, as it brings me comfort. 

“It was my birthday so I booked annual leave to have the afternoon off and spend the day in London with my boyfriend. Our day was drawing to a close but before heading home, we stopped at a bar to have a drink. I was taking off my coat and scarf when I noticed my necklace was gone. I was heartbroken. I was adamant to follow our steps to find him but no luck.

“When we got back I searched the car, both our houses but he wasn’t showing up. I mean, all I knew is that I needed my dad near, he bought me so much comfort.

“I was extremely frustrated and heartbroken! Seven months later, two days before my dad’s 7th Anniversary, a friend saw the post and recognised it. I composed myself and commented on the post. I quickly uploaded pictures of the necklace when I first bought it so they could see I was in fact the owner. I am honestly forever grateful to Emily and her partner for even picking it up off the street and even attempting to find me. 

“This shows the power and positive side of Facebook. I believe the post has been shared over 300 times.. so to all those people.. thank you!”

Emily found the necklace without the chain but when she returned it, kindly put it with another chain and in a gift box.

She said: “My partner found it in South Norwood just laying on the floor. When we discovered there were ashes inside the charm. I could not believe my eyes and in some way I did feel a presence and knew that I just had to find the owner.”