Face to Place – the brainchild of local artist Karen Barnett – is a project that endeavours to encourage the sharing of personal stories, memories and experiences of living and working in Thornton Heath.

Through exchanges we are able to not only inform ourselves but be enriched and inspired by each others lives and challenge preconceptions, that others may have about Thornton Heath – by showing its true human face and nature by making these experiences visible, says Karen.

Did you use use the old swimming baths, cinema or ballroom or get fitted for a suit or dress, play pool, sing with your band, dance the night away? Were you part of the parades? Found yourself here, started work, or a business. What’s your Thornton heath story? Past and present all our stories matter.

Karen is passionate about the Thornton Heath community and sets up artworks, projects and groups that enhance and connect. She founded The Friends of Grangewood Park, Thornton Heath Arts week and the Thornton Heath Carnival procession.

She would like to find out the stories you would like to share. Contact her here today at: kbcuppatea@yahoo.co.uk