A thought-provoking collective exhibition of ten artists showcasing the experiences of the Student Loan Generation through their artwork has been curated by a local artist Jess Gell.

Til Debt Do Us Part, a collective art exhibition, brings together the artwork of the Student Loan Generation and is being  shown at the up and coming Pelican Peckham between July 30 and August 5, with a private view on Thursday August 2. 

The exhibition was set up by recent film and television graduate Jess showcases creative solidarity and provides a productive creative output for people to share their experiences in the aftermath of education.  

Since 2017, student debt in the UK has risen to more than 100billion. In England, the average amount of debut for each graduate is £44,000. In comparison to the £16,000 debt faced by those who graduated in 2011.

Around 70 per cent of these students are expected to never finish repaying their  loans, instead making repayments for 30 years before having the unpaid loan written off. The number of adults living with parents has reached a 20 year hight. There are now 3.3 million 20 to 34 year old’s still living with parents – a 618,000 leap since 1996.

The exhibition incorporates relevant topics of moving home, tackling debt, and seeking employment. The exhibiting artists come from diverse backgrounds ranging from animal care to horticulture, bringing a unique perspective to the topic through an exciting range of mediums including photography, embroidery, collage and pottery.


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