ENTREPRENEURS used pitching skills developed during a business training and mentoring programme to bid for seed funding for ideas from a opera masterclass to a compostable refuse bag start-up company.

The final activity of StartUp Croydon’s Building Business Horizons programme was the pitch and saw participants who had enjoyed learning about the key skills needed to effectively start and run a business present their ideas to a panel of experts from NatWest on June 16 and 17 (pictured) with the winners receiving £500 to help them on their way to success.

Other pitches included a sauna experience to rival the Scandinavians, a marketing consultancy, health and social care recruitment service, a slow fashion brand using recycled fabrics and providing fashion development workshops to a sustainably sourced and packaged period kit for busy girls and women. 

The course is part time and takes place over four months covering everything from demystifying a business plan, finance and budgeting, identifying customers, social media, identifying your customer base and selling.

Geoff Ranson, head of special projects, said: “They are all winners in our eyes as our cohort this year have excelled themselves and should be proud of their achievements “

The winners are Hands Hunter Ltd – founded by Mihai Udrescu, the company sources and sells compostable scented and coloured refuse bags which he sells on Amazon. 

The Nature Spa – a social enterprise founded by Victoria Maddox who is working to bring a health improving sauna experience loved by many Europeans to London.

Stumped Marketing – a startup marketing business set up by Marcia Henry-Morgan.

If you are interested in joining the next Building Business Horizons programme starting in September 2021, you will need to have completed the former three day new business course, either the revamped StartUp and Go Bootcamp or the Introduction to Social Enterprise course.  To book ring: 0203 747 4747.