Food blogger, Aisha Jade, The Chronicle’s food columnist, is launching a drinks brand which will be inspired by popular Caribbean beverages. 

Aisha said: “While I enjoy blogging I want to get more in to the practical business side of the food industry.

 “I have recently started making my own drinks and decided that I could start selling them. At first my mum was my taster, but I have also taken samples to work for my colleague to try and the feedback so far has been honest but good. I appreciate any constructive criticism as I am still perfecting my recipes and won’t stop until I feel like my product is of high quality and possesses an amazing taste. 

“My concept is natural juices made from natural ingredients. Also, my drinks will be provided in glass bottles to give a fresher taste and make the drinks more premium. Drinks taste better in glass. I care for the environment and see what single use plastic does to it.”

Aisha is raising funds to be able to have a stall at Surrey Street market. To support her venture visit: