There is no shortage of supply of talent coming out of  Thornton Heath and Dotty London is no exception. 
An artist who defies all genres; he fuses sounds of R&B, alternative rap, hip hop, trap and more and his lyrical content does the same.
Exploring the narrative of a black male living in London, Dotty’s music sways from thought-provoking and hard-hitting to romantic and emotive to upbeat and light-hearted and all the way back around again but doesn’t change; his defining rap style which lets you know a Dotty song from the get-go.
Garnering attention from his feature on XL’s New Gen, Dotty has been making music since the tender age of 15, constantly growing and using new experiences to evolve in his music.
Now in 2018, with a steady flow of releases behind him, he gears up to release ‘A Collection Of Sounds’ his new project which showcases his versatility, inviting you into his world through 14 tracks which are due to be released via his own label LDNXLVN (London X Living), the name he shares with his collective and friends including A2, Bonkaz, Hacko and more.
Dotty’s name has been lingering in the air, but watch as he cements it into musical history this year. He has already started the year off in style with his latest release, Bless – getting editorial support from Spotify and iTunes.
He has also been supporting another Thornton Heath local and good friend singer rapper A2 at his sold out show at the concert venue Koko, in Camden, on March 1.
Dotty said: “I grew up in Thornton Heath; this is literally the home of the superstars. So many people I grew up around are now doing major things in the entertainment business.”
‘A Collection of Sounds’ is due to hit all streaming platforms on April 12, although there are no performances planned yet – Dotty hopes to make appearances on the UK festival scene.
Picture credit: By Ray Fiasco