A singer songwriter has taken Germany by storm reaching NO. 11 in the alternative charts with her debut song, which features a member of the eighties electronic band Depeche Mode.

Dede Davi, 28 , who was born and bred in Thornton Heath, started gigging while at the University of Manchester.

One of her songs was featured on BBC 1 Xtra and from there she then went to the Academy of Contemporary Music.

She went on to sign for Schubert Music Publishing, where she is now working on an EP.

Last November Dede released her first song: Calling the Clock, which she penned as she was feeling a little low and very frustrated with writing.

The modern day soul song took about a week to write and then Dede sent off the demo to her manager, not really thinking anything more. Then she got a message from him saying that Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode fame was willing to record the final version with her in the studio.

Dede said: “I couldn’t believe it! We spoke via email but had never met until we got into the studio in North London and we put it together in four hours.”

Wilder, who wrote a handful of songs for synth pioneers Depeche Mode, is now a record producer in his own right. He features as accompanying pianist, music composer and arranger on Calling the Clock.

Now Dede is off play at the Reeperbanh festival in Germany and will be featured on Live London sessions before releasing her EP in the autumn.

www.thisisdede.com and her single is available on iTunes/Spotify