This is the reaction of the proud 10-year-old daughter of the man described as the hero of the violent weekend protests in London after he carried an injured stranger to safety.

Patrick Hutchinson’s daughter Sidena, from Thornton Heath, watched on excitedly as her father, a Black Lives Matters Protestor, featured on TV news bulletins  after was hailed for his heroics for rescuing the white man.

Patrick  a personal trainer and grandfather, made global headlines after saving the life of man from harm during violent protests outside Waterloo station on Saturday.

His daughter Sidena, 10, was filmed celebrating excitedly with friends Kai’Yonna and Chela when an interview with her now-famous father was broadcast on Channel 4 News.

In the interview aired with Mr Hutchinson on Channel 4 on Sunday ,  he spoke about his hope for “equality for all”, and modestly played down compliments about being a “hero”.

Irene Danso, Kai’Yonna’s mother, filmed the moment and uploaded it to her daughter’s Twitter account, AKAKiddz.

The clip went viral and Ms Danso, from Thornton Heath said her phone had barely stopped vibrating with messages.

She added that Sidena was shocked at her father’s newfound celebrity status but was incredibly proud of him.

Mr Hutchinson formed a group with four of his friends, who are part of London-based close protection group Ark Security, to protect young Black Lives Matter protesters from getting caught up in the violence at the protests.

In interview filmed in Thornton Heath Rec Mr Hutchinson appeared on  TV alongside fellow members of Ark Security: Pierre Noah, Chris Otokito, Lee Russell and Jamaine Facey (pictured).

They took it upon themselves to be the “overseers” at the protest, to make sure those who needed help were taken safely to emergency service workers.

The group spotted a lone white man being dragged by young black protesters through a crowd and thrown on the steps near the Royal Festival Hall.

“His life was under threat so I just went and scooped him up, put him over my shoulder, and started marching towards the police with him,” Mr Hutchinson told Channel 4 News.

The image, captured by a photographer at the scene, was shared widely online and described as a “beautiful moment of humanity”.

Patrick’s daughter Sidena is also not newcomer to publicity having appeared in the local press in 2018 along with her friends after they launched a YouTube Channel to show what positive activities young children can enjoy in and around the area where they live.

AKA Kiddz screens all the fun Kai’Yonna has with her friends and family aged from four to 10, who also live in Thornton Heath and elsewhere in Croydon.

Mum Irene said at the time she hoped the films will inspire other children to keep busy by trying some of the activities themselves and maybe even make their own YouTube videos.

“We are always hearing negative things always going on in Thornton Heath. But there are a lot of positives. People might miss them because they are always looking at the negative stuff.”

The videos also show Kai’Yonna and her friends having fun with toys of the moment and arts and crafts – they make a gingerbread house, give a face painting demonstration and make pancakes, among the video activities.