A couple sit down for romantic dinner in the middle of one of Thornton Heath’s busiest roads!

The young couple are captured on video sitting on tiny blue chairs at a red plastic table  calmly eating their food in the road outside Delly’s on the Whitehorse Road roundabout.

The traffic backs up as cars swerve around the pair remonstrating as the man says: ‘shut up..I am eating my food…everyone go around me!”  Adding: “Stop distracting me!”

See for yourselves: https://twitter.com/ethanxrih/status/864586760998834176

At one point the man gets up and some of the drivers decide to go around the roundabout instead of trying to evade the couple’s dinner time!

The  video is  has surfaced on Twitter via Keek, however the footage actually dates back to 2013 and the prankster is Ashley Inkz from Thornton Heath who has his own YoutTube channel:      youtube.com/ashleyinkz