Residents are fed up over the lack of action against a mobile nightclub blasting out music though a  3000w sound system outside their homes at weekends. The birth of the ‘party bus’ appears to be symptomatic of the gradual degradation of London’s nighttime economy and the closure of multiple night clubs over the last few years. 

The bus belonging to Busin ‘n ‘Clubbin parks up in a lay-by on  Parchmore Road on a Friday and Saturday nights. Residents have complained about noise,  litter left by  revellers and parking issues as  many arrive by car. On its web site Busin ’n’ Clubbin claims to offer the ‘craziest clubs and biggest nights’ is available for  private hire.

During road works residents had some relief as the lay-by was closed but during January the party bus turned up three times and prior to that it was being used by another party bus Champagne Tours. The police say the issue is for Croydon noise team according to residents they don’t come out to it anymore.

One resident told The Chronicle: “Not only is the bus a huge noise nuisance because of the club on board and noisy engine , the revellers drive erratically around it, take local parking and leave a huge amount of litter. If someone was trying to open a local night club there would be lots of restrictions, planning and licenses to negotiate but this bus can just turn up and do the same without consequence.” 

Simon Willougby, of Busin ‘n’ Clubbin  said: “Looking back at our records we have only had one pick up I believe this year so far near Parchmore Road. We have only one vehicle but there are also five  other party buses on the road that also have had bookings from this position. Our bus has our contact number and …we are getting tarred with their brush.  When we do have new bookings in the Thornton Heath area I will strongly advise the client against this place of pick up/drop off.”