An award winning entrepreneur who created a community hub for young people to stay safe has turned his hand to radio presenting and creating fashionable face masks during lockdown.

Dexter Simms who runs the Mula Cake community hub has spoken of his concern at the level of support being given to small businesses. 

Dexter who transformed his retail business premises on London Road at 7 Brigstock Parade, Thornton Heath in to a community hub offering a creative and ‘safe haven’ for local youths was forced to temporarily close up shop like so many other community organisations. 

 But the ever resourceful Dexter who also runs the Mula Cake clothing line ( has turned his hand to presenting– providing daily chat and tunes for young people. He has also designed a Mula Cake mask line which he says: ‘Yes we have got to be safe but we also have got to be fashionable!”

Dexter who was last year awarded Entrepreneur of the Year along with his company Mula Cake being awarded Business of the Year at the Croydon Business award, said: “Being self employed and a company owner at this time is very difficult as
I feel we are going to be looked after last if at all. After doing a little research on the loans and grants they are offering to us small businesses they are not only long winded but in my opinion only fit for big business that stay in profit.

“Most small businesses profits vary from month to month especially January to March where by our income is much slower than the rest of the year. I don’t think it’s fair to base it off the last three months or even off profits in general as most small businesses just make enough to keep them going awaiting better days of growth.

“This is a very challenging time and being a community leader as well as a business owner has also had a slight effect on myself as I am unable to offer as much support or my services as usual so the community is also suffering.

“All we can do is have faith that this will change for the better sooner rather than later.”