A House of Commons debate  has been tabled for tomorrow to discuss the gas explosion that killed a child and resulted in hundreds of residents being evacuated from their homes in  Thornton Heath.

MP for Mitcham and Morden Siobhain McDonagh MP has raised residents’ “concerns” over the  gas explosion and fire on August 8  which saw four-year-old Sahara Salman’s body recovered from the ruins of a terraced house which collapsed after the blast.

Residents from Galpin’s Road and the surrounding area are being bused in by to coach to the House of Commons so that they can watch the debate from the public gallery.

Emergency services were first called to the road at around 7am which saw three other people seriously injured in the explosion including an 11-year-old boy and a 54-year-old woman.

Medics treat victim pulled from explosion which killed child

No 255 Galpin’s Road was destroyed by the explosion, while two neighbouring terraced homes suffered extensive damage and several more suffered smashed windows from falling debris.

A total of 500 people were evacuated from neighbouring houses and many still have not been able to return to their homes while work continues on Galpin’s Road by Southern Gas Network.

A criminal investigation into the explosion has been launched in to the cause of the explosion.

The coach will be leaving the New Horizon Centre in Pollards Hill at midday tomorrow and the 30-minute debate in the House of Commons is expected to begin at 2.30pm.

MP Siobhain McDonagh, said: “The House of Commons will pause on Friday in memory of four-year-old Sahara Salman and in support of her grieving family who have lost their precious daughter.

“I cannot begin to imagine how desperately difficult these past few months have been for them – and indeed for their neighbours on Galpin’s Road, many of whom remain evacuated following the tragic gas explosion.

“I am in awe at their fortitude and hope that this debate will ensure that their voices are heard at the very highest levels.”


Merton Council said in their most recent statement.: “We are pleased to announce that we have managed to secure the services of Leigh Day, an independent firm of lawyers who residents will be able to meet as a group and on an individual basis to discuss some of their concerns.”