clothing designer has created a line of t-shirts and accessories which aims to break through the misconceptions about Croydon.

Wesley Jordan Anthony Baker, 35, who is behind the label CDN said: “In 2008 I first started walking and cycling around Croydon capturing the landmarks and documenting the areas through photography. 

“The idea was to try and break through the misconception that the borough was this dive and show folk how diverse and vibrant it is.

“ The clothing was something I’d always been interested in and a few years ago I decided it could be a great way to aid in my original aim and a few weeks ago I relaunched with new designs on teemill.”

One of the designs features the original community donated piano at Thornton Heath station and others show hearts  formed by the names of areas of Croydon all united.

Wes, who started the clothing brand has has lived in Thornton Heath from the age of one. He  said: “Friends and social media followers seems to really like the designs. The two standout designs are Love and Pride, which are really capturing peoples imaginations.

“It’s interesting as sometimes you have a customers in mind and doing the ‘Made In Croydon’ and ‘CR7 Market’ was great as you actually get to see who takes to your work. 

“The customer base for CDN is really varied. I’ve had primary school kids, young teenagers, people in their twenties and thirties up to people in their seventies purchase my range of clothing.”